Thursday, May 1, 2014


I went to school during the vacation because I had TOEIC test. I had not taken a TOEIC test before, so I was very nervous. However, I could take a TOEIC test calmly because I studied English very hard. TOEIC test was very difficult for me to solve. However, I did my best.

Go to sea
I went to Amakusa to go to sea with my friends. After we arrived Amakusa, we had lunch at cafe which can see the sea. Lunch was very delicious. In addition, The view was very beautiful. Then, we went to sea. That day was very cold, so we couldn’t swim in the sea. I wanted to swim in the sea. However, I satisfied with seeing sea.
Friends from high school
I met high school friends at downtown during the vacation. I missed them because I have not met them for long times. We went izakaya at Simorouri. It was very fun. Since then, we went to karaoke at Ohzu town. We sang seven hours at karaoke. I was tired, but I enjoyed it.

Driver's license
I went to driving school many times during the vacation. I studied driving rules very hard because I want to drive with my friend and my family early. Sometimes I stayed five hours at driving school. At last, I got driver’s license. I was very happy. Since then, I was enjoyed
I have become 19 years old during the vacation. My birthday is 22nd, March. I remember that day clearly because it was very happy day. In the morning, I saw the movie with my friends. We saw Disney movie. It was very interesting. Since then, we went shopping. I was given watch by my friends. It is very cute.
New class year
I became second student in KGU. I concerned about to be second student and whether I can keep up with new classes. However, almost first classes were very fun, so I will do my best. In addition, I often hear second year is very hard and busy. That’s why, I’m going to study hard every day.
Music I like
I like music very much. My hobby is listening to music. I like Japanese Pop music especially Japanese Rock music. My favorite singer group is L'Arc^en^Ciel. They sing very wonderful songs. Their songs make me very happy. I often go their concerts. It is very exciting, and I enjoy listening live their songs.
My hobby
There are two my hobbies. One of them is listening to music. The other is playing sports. I wrote about music last week, so I'm going to write about playing sports. I like soccer. I have Joined soccer club in junior high school. Playing soccer is very fun. In addition, I like basketball and baseball. Anyway, I like all sports.
Golden Week plans
I'm going to work as part time job in a half Golden Week. I will work in May 3rd and 6th. I'm going to meet friends from high school in rest of Golden Week. I am looking forward to coming the day very much. I will meet them since last summer, so I am very glad to meet them.
I like eating very much. I like sweets, snack and so on. Especially, I like Udon very much. Its smells and soup is very good. I love Udon, so I want to go Kagawa Prefecture because Kagawa is Udon's birthplace. I want to eat birthplace's Udon. That's why, I am saving money, and I work hard as part time job to go to Kagawa.
How I study English
I'm going to write about how to study English myself. I usually listen to English news and Western music to be able to listen to native English. It is my habit, so I don't feel hard time. In addition, I read English newspapers sometimes to be able to read English. In addition, Reading English enable me to know recent society and politics and so on. That's why, I study English everyday as my habit.
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