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Date: 2015.01.07

Hey, thank you for your visiting my page. There are my Portfolios and Portfolio Elements. You can find my Proto-Portfolios, Essay showcase, Book review showcase both semester. It is my progress and development in writing class. I want you to know my effort in this class. We had to write 8000 words on blog in spring semester. In fall semester, we have to write 10000 words. It was very hard.

0.0. Proto-Portfolios

Reflections on Proto-Portfolios

At first, I was not good at writing English on my blog, but I can write now thanks to this class. I had to write 8 thousands in spring semester and 10 thousands in fall semester. It was very hard to count words. However, I can count words easily using this page. This is very useful and helpful for me. I could write about 10000 words in both semester. It was hard work.

1.0. 1st Semester Portfolio

This is the list which is my Essay homework of my 1st semester.It is easy to watch my homework progress. We had to write some essays in writing class or at home.

1.1. Essay Showcase

Best Essay
I think "Essay 1-02b: Let's have a good university life" is the best essay in 1st semester. I can corporate with my friend, Akino. It was very fun for me to write essay together. In addition, I couldn't write essay so long, but I could write long essay because I wrote it with Akino.

Overall Essay Developments
I think writing essay is very important thing because I could know how to write essay very briefly. I can write essay which is easy reading whoever read thanks to this class' essay. In addition, I couldn't corporate with friends before, but I can write essay with my friends now thanks to it. That is why essay is very useful and helpful.

1.2. Book Review Showcase

Best Book Review
I think "BR 1-09 The Little Match girl" is the best book review because I can enjoy reading this book the best. I have read this book in Japanese, so it was easy to write this book review, but I can write it briefly.

Overall Book Review Developments
I don't like reading books before, but I can enjoy reading books now through book reviews. At first, I couldn't write book reviews anything. However, finally, I can write the book reviews in brief. It is very important for me to write it. I can read books faster than before. It is great progress.

2.0. 2nd Semester Portfolio

This is the list which is my Essay homework of my 2nd semester. I could write essay until due.
It is easy to know what I have done in my writing class. We had to write some essay as homework. It was hard work, but we can get writing skills if we do it.

2.1. Essay Showcase

Best Essay
I think "Essay 2-02a: Satoshi Tsumabuki" is the best essay because I could corporate writing essay too. I like writing essay with my friend, Akino. In addition, I like Tsumabuki Satoshi. I can so long essay because I like him. It was very fun to write it. I wrote essay longer than spring semester, so I think writing essay is very important for everyone who want to get English skills.

Overall Essay Developments
I can write essay longer this semester than last semester thanks to this homework. In addition, I can learn how to put links in my essay, and how to write reference of essay. It was very helpful.

2.2. Book Review Showcase

Best Book Review
I think "BR 2-17: Go-kart Race " is the best book review because it was easy to read, so I can write review easily and briefly. In addition, I can write 2 paragraph in this book review, so I can write little longer than other book reviews. I can enjoy reading this book very much.

Overall Book Review Developments
I'm not good at writing book reviews last semester, but I can write it easily through book reviews homework. In addition, I can learn how to make some paragraph, so It was very helpful. I think I want to read a lot of English books thanks to book reviews homework.

2.3. Additional Highlights and Reflections

Through my writing class in both semesters, I can learn how to write English diary, essays, book reviews and other writing. It was very helpful for me. At first, I felt that writing English on my blog is very heavy things and I have trouble for writing it. I didn't like the homework of this class. For example, I didn't like typing homework, essay, book review and other homework. However, I can enjoy writing diary and essay because I used to write English on my blog every day. It is very great progress. I'm very glad to be able to write English easily. That is why even if I pass the class, I want to continue writing my blog in English because I believe that it will be special thing in the future. I think writing class is very important to get English skills. I think everyone who take writing classes got writing English skills.

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