Wednesday, May 21, 2014

BR 1-07 The Truth Machine (Norman Whitney, 1976)

            " I love truth and I hate lies"

This story is cruel story. Professor Verity invented the truth machine. It is great machine. I think  I want it. This professor made it why he likes truth and hates lies, he said. However, people who used this machine became unhappy. Some lost a job. I think truth machine is useful, but people who use it don't necessarily become happy.
In addition, inventer made it because he wanted success, power, and money in truth. I can't believe about him. I think it is wrong. Then he was killed by unhappy people. It is cruel, but lieing is wrong.


Norman, Whiteny.(2005). The truth machine. Oxford, England: Macmillan Heinemann

[116 words]

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