Friday, October 3, 2014

Essay 2-01a: My living room is the best place all over the world.

I'm going to write about my favorite place. I can relax in the living room the best, so I like there very much. I grew and experienced a lot of things there, so I have a lot of memories in the living room, so it is the best place.

I spent very long time in the living room. I rarely go my room because I like living room the best in my house. I also like my room, but I like better living room. I chat with my family there. I talk about anything with my family there. For example, I talk about my friends, classes, events, school life, TV program, music and other things with them. Sometimes, I also talk about trouble. I like chatting with them very much. They make me very happy and relaxed.

In addition, I usually eat breakfast and dinner with my family in the living room. I like eating it with them very much. Sometimes, we go out for dinner. It is very fun, but I can relax in the living room better.

My favorite spot in the living room is sofa. I always stay there. When I watch TV, take a nap, chat with my family, eat snacks, and other doing, I stay there. I like sofa because it is very comfortable. Our sofa is not so big, but I can relax there. Our sofa is black, but I want a white sofa because I like better white than sofa. When my sister sleeps on the sofa, I can't sit on it, so I feel that I want to sit on it very much.

I experienced a lot of things in the living room because I live my house for nineteen years. I spent very happy time and sad time and irritation time there. I experienced a lot of events there too. For example, I spent happy christmas day, new years day, vacation and birthday. That is why, I have a lot of memories in the living room. If it were not for the living room, I could not spent happy time.

I moved to Kumamoto city last year, so I can't go back my before house. It is little sad. I like the living room now, but I feel I want to back my before house sometimes because there were a lot of memories there.

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  1. I don't have experience of move since I was born, so I have so deeply emotional attachment for my house too. However, my parents throw some furnitures. How many furnitures are there in your living room?

    1. Thank you for your comment. I envy you because your parents throw some furnitures. There are 6 furnitures in my living room.

  2. What the fantastic essay!!
    I could understand how much you like your living room and your sofa :)
    So now, how do you chill out in your present house?

  3. I can imagine how much you love the living room. very nice! What do you do when you are alone in your own room?

  4. I don't have sofa in my house, so I want sofa!
    Where are you from?

  5. I like my living room in my house too, yeah!!
    What kind of TV program do you like watching.