Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Flower Arrengement

I belong to the flower arrangement club at this university. I like flower because it is very beautiful, and it makes me relaxed very much. The club activities hold every Wednesday. We often hold Pizza party and Nabe party and so on. It is very fun. I like club members. Everyone is very kind and interesting. I'm looking forward to coming Wednesday every week. However, unfortunately I often have to work every Wednesday as part time job recently.

The events what I enjoyed the best is Takumasai. It is school festival. I sold frankfurters with club members. In addition, we watched school shows. It was very exciting. In addition, The commendation ceremony was held. We were commended there for making wonderful clothes for Takumasai. It was very moved. We cried because we were very glad to be commended. Takumasai was very fun. I'm looking forward to coming November.

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