Sunday, November 30, 2014

BR 2-09:The Teeny-Tiny Woman (Harriet Ziefert, 1995)

"The teeny tiny woman said, "This teeny tiny bone will make a teeny tiny soup for my teeny tiny supper."

This book is very interesting. This book's story is about the teeny tiny woman's life. The words what is "Teeny tiny" appear a lot of time on this book. I think that all the thing what appear on this book are very tiny. She found a teeny tiny bone in the teeny tiny graveyard. Then she picked up it and bring back her home. At night, when she tried to sleep on the teeny tiny bed, she heard a teeny tiny voice, "Give me my bone.". It is very terrific for me. Then she threw away the teeny tiny bone from the teeny tiny window. I laughed this scene. I like this scene. Anyway, this book is very interesting!!


Harriet, Ziefert. (1995). The Teeny- Tiny Woman. New York, U.S.A: Puffin Books  

[152 words]

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