Wednesday, September 24, 2014


One of my favorite places is Miyazaki Prefecture. Sometimes I go there. I always eat  a lot of sashimi when I go there because Miyazaki close to sea, so I can eat vivid fish. All Miyazaki's foods are very delicious. In addition, There are a lot of mountains and clear rivers and sea which can swim. I like mountain because I can view very beautiful viewing at top of the mountains. I also like swimming, so I like river. There are not places I can swim in Kumamoto.

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  1. I want to see the vivid fishes!! lol
    How is the taste?

  2. Though I've been to Miyazaki, I can't remember it because I went there when I was a small child. I got interested in the prefecture since I read your post!
    Who do you usually go with?????

  3. Wow, Miyazaki is very interesting!! I don't have been there so I want to go there sometime. Where is your recommendation tourism attraction of Miyazaki? I think I want to refer it when I go there.

  4. Miyazaki looks so interesting place! I don't no opportunity to eat sashimi so many time. What kind of fish do you like to eat?